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Niagara Drag Strip 1961-1974 / Re: CC Rider
« on: April 07, 2011, 07:21:11 AM »
Hi Mark.

I asked Bill Lindner about this, and here is what he said:

In the 1960's everyone said you had to run a low static compression ration...8.0 to 1....with a super charger on gasoline. I did not believe this because I knew the cam timing could be altered to relieve the static comp. ratio.

So I put together a SBC with a CR of 9.5 to 1 and very heavy wall flat top forged JE pistons. I then ran the blower at 10 % UNDERDRIVE. Blue Sunoco 260 gas came along and it worked very well! The exhaust note was loud because of this CR and long headers. I actually ran 45 degrees (total) ignition timing which made up for the rich fuel setting, so I wouldn't melt off the corners of a piston or blow the head gasket weak point between the cylinders!!! Had to put head gaskets in every 4 or 5 passes because of leaks!! In Late 68, I finally had the block "O' ringed which solved the weak point problem. I tried to learn every thing I could about fuel mixtures and spark timing. I always kept it running sharp by changing plugs and watching the air density meter. One time I raced at LaPlace, Louisana at 15 ft. below sea level. The air density meter was off the top end of the scale!! I put in the smallest return jet (richen!) and went to 1 to 1 blower drive ratio. What a sound that night!! Last run for Eliminator was against Willy Ragsdale from Texas.(NHRA street roadster Hero & Veteran in 1968. He couldn't hear his engine for the shift points because I was just a few feet ahead of him and the my headers were pointed at him! He complained about that! The track said I went 10.10 but that was BS as I shut off early, because Willy shut his off!

The new engine seems to be louder then I remember which is quite possible due to the new profile cam. It does tickle your eardrums.
The "new engine," refers to the one he just completed for the car!

Hope this is interesting to some!

Best regards,

Davd Lamb

Glad we know that it was Sam Gellner in the other Willys!

Thanks for posting these, Mark! :D

I hope people will enjoy seeing them!  ;)

Dave Lamb

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